This Vending Machine Gives Out Food To Stray Animals In Exchange For Plastic Bottles

Andrea A.

In Turkey, there are leagues of stray animals roaming the streets. But in Istanbul alone, there are more than 150,000 dogs and cats who fight to survive on the streets everyday. These animals desperately try tofind some food or a bit of warmth and shelter every hour of every day.


Source : @FourPaws

Luckily, more and more projects are being launched to help support these poor animals. In 2014, the Turkish companyPugedon, based in Istanbul,had the genius idea to create a machine which helped save the environment as well as saving these animals' lives.In exchange for plastic bottles to recycle, themachine dispensesfood for dogs and cats.


Source : @Pugedon

Once a bottle has been fed into the recycling machine, a small bit of food automatically falls into a big tin for passing stray dogs and cats.


Source : @Pugedon


Source : @Pugedon

And if you want to empty your bottle of water before you recycle it, there's a bowl specifically for water to give to the dogs and cats next door to the one destined for food! Genius, right?


Source : @Pugedon

This clever company helps boost recycling and feeds stray dogs and cats at the same time. What's more, the recycling and consequent resale of the plastic bottlescovers all the food costs. So everyone's a winner!We hope that this genius vending machine can be installed in cities across the world with vast numbers of stray dogs.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6ml28VaIl0

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