This Turkish Man Is Opening Up Mosque's Doors To Offer Some Warmth And Shelter To Stray Cats

Andrea A.

An imam of a mosque inIstanbul has become a star on social media over the past few days. Mustafa Efe leads the prayer in a mosque in the Turkish capital and decided to open its doors to all the stray cats and kittens that have no home or shelter.


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Hundreds of stray cats roamthrough the streets of Istanbul. So when the temperatures start to drop, they are so grateful for the warmth and shelter they receive in this place of prayer.


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Mustafa Efe adores the cats and he considers them "guests" ofthe mosque. The cats feel right at home with him and he givesthem all the comfort and love theyso deserve.


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Source : @Facebook

One of the guests felt so comfortable in the mosque that she decided she'd give birth to her babies there. This mummy and her five kittens are now safe and warm in the mosque. This has got to be one of the most touching outcomesof Mustafa Efe's kindness...


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It's now the second winter that Mustafa has been welcoming in his feline friends to the place of prayer. Let's hope that his recent internet stardom will encourage others to follow in his footsteps.We can't praise him enough for his kindness - it's truly inspiring!Look at some footage of the cats and kittens wandering about their new shelter:

Posted by Mustafa Efe on Monday, May 4, 2015

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