This Neglected Dog Was Chained Up And Forced To Live Outside For 10 Years


Judith was rescued by Animal Advocates, a Canadian animal rescue organization, after having been neglected by her cruel owners for nearly ten years.The canine was keptchained up outside of the house without toys or shelter, and very little food and water. She was alone and exposed to the rain and the cold, forced to live in the mud and her own filth.


 Source: Youtube/Animal Advocates

Her owners, who clearly did not about for the dogs happiness or well being, were even seen urinating from their balcony onto her.Worried neighbors contacted the SPCA(the equivalent of the RSCPA in the UK) multiple times, but to no avail. Sadly, the association, who had the legal right to take the canine away, did not act on the accusations and Judith was left in her terrible situation.


Source: Youtube/Animal Advocates

Clearly shocked by the indifference shown by the SPCA, one of the neighbors finally decided to contact Animal Advocates, which immediately took their claims seriously, and came to the scene straight away to assess the situation.In the images, which date from 2012, it is clear that Judith was scared, dirty, covered in mud and appeared to be in pain when on her feet.


Source: Youtube/Animal Advocates

Volunteers straight away recognized the danger that the dog was in and sent her to their shelter for examination by a vet. Judith was suffering from Arthritis and her fur was covered in a thick layer of mud and excrement.


Source: Youtube/Animal Advocates

After shaving off a section of her fur that was too tangled to be washed, her rescuers saw the extent of the neglect that Judith had endured and how thin she was.


Source: Youtube/Animal Advocates

A short while later, her back paws became very weak, and Judith was no longer able to walk. Luckily, the shelter was able to make her a small wheeled support for her back legs to allow her to move around.


Source: Youtube/Animal Advocates

Once she hadregained some of her strength, the dog was finally moved on to a host family, who could offer her all of the love and attention that she so desperately needed. Judith, once miserable, weak and alone, was transformed.Watch Judith's rescue video below:[embed][/embed]

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