This Stray Dog Looked Like A Corpse Until They Nursed Her Back To Health


In November2015, Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue charity for stray dogs in India, miraculously rescued Alice, a stray dog suffering from a severe case of mange which had completely encrusted her skin . Before her rescue, the poor dog led a tragic and hopeless life, finding shelter in an old abandonedrickshaw.Completely crippled by her disease, she spent her days immobile, as if literally turned to stone byher mange.


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Exhausted and weary, her days seemed to be drawing to a close.But when the volunteers from Animal Aid found Alice, they weren't going to give up on her...


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The first volunteer to approach her was a young man. He gently offered her some food, knowing she must be starving.Lifting her head with difficulty, she accepted his offer but was so weak that she could hardly eat it.


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Once he had gained her trust, the young man rolled her up in a blanket.But as soon as he tried to lifther up, the poor dog was utterly terrified and desperately tried to run away.


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After resisting for a few minutes, yelping in fear, the volunteer finally managed to pick her up and take her to the rescue van.Once Alicearrived at the hospital, it was as if she knew she was about to be looked after for the first time in her life.Having calmed down, a vet gently applied some ointment onto her hardened skin.


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Then it was time for her first bath...



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To everyone's surprise, this course oftreatment seemed to work.And by the end of Alice's fourth day at the vet,she started to look a lot better.


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Thanks to the patience and devotion of the veterinary volunteers, Alice started to recover from her illness.Her skin healed and her fur began to grow back.After six weeks, Alice had been completely transformed and shewas no longer the dog made of stone.


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The gorgeous dogwas now fluffier and happier than ever.Her painful and lonely existence wasbehind her for good.Alice will soon be put up for adoption and will hopefully find a forever home. For now though, she is in the very best hands with Animal Aid India.


Source: @AnimalAid/YouTube

The tragic situation of stray dogs in India

Alice's story reminds us of the tragic fate of many abandoneddogs in India, where there are 30 million stray animals trying to survive on the cruel streets.Animal Aid Unlimitedhas been striving to rescue as many of these suffering animals as possiblefor over 15 years.If you'd like to support them in the incrediblework they do, you can donateto the charityhere.Watch the video of Alice's incredible rescue and transformation here:[embed][/embed]