This Luxury Brand Is Making Stuffed Animals In Real Fur And Causes A Scandal

For several days, the French brand "Histoire de bĂȘtes" has received a wave of criticism. This luxury brand, specialized in teddy bears and games for children, uses real fur and leather for their creations, reveals the site Konbini.


Source: Histoires de bĂȘtes

"Exceptional stuffed animals with added soul and sweetness""Bear in natural fur," "eyes in lambskin," "nose in leather"... These are some examples of what makes up the "Baby teddy," a stuffed animal for children sold at over $1800. A choice of materials that enraged defenders of animals. On Twitter, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation denounced it as "Made in France guaranteed 100% cruel." The brand has no qualms about this and calls even calls their creations "exceptional stuffed animals with added soul and sweetness."On their site, they explain:

For all those against  fur, leather, even wool, and prefer synthetic materials, we understand your point of view. However, we don't agree. 

Source: Histoires de bĂȘtes

The brand declared furthermore that they receive their materials exclusively from French suppliers, which according to them, guarantees higher ethical standards than "foreign farms." A few months ago, the organization One Voice revealed, however, the nightmare of angora rabbit farmsin several small French establishments.


An angora rabbit brutally "shaved" for his fur on a French farm. Source: One Voice[/caption]They discovered rabbits being pulled from their cages to be roughly strapped to tables where they have the fur brutally removed from their bodies. Obviously in a state of extreme stress, they cry out in distress and pain while their fur is ripped out by the handful.

A petition to boycott  

Faced with the scandal, a petition was started to denounce the approach taken by "Histoires de bĂȘtes." To sign it, click here. A Facebook page which collects all of the news about the controversy was also created.At a time when large brands like Armani or H&M are renouncing fur, it's important to bring attention to backwards thinking enterprises who still consider animals as merchandise to dispose of at will.

Cover image: Histoires de bĂȘtes/One Voice

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