Pascal, The Puppy Covered In Glue And Left For Dead By Children Can't Stop Hugging His New Family

After weeks of suffering and months of worry, Pascal has finally found a family, and is completely transformed. The tragic story of this tiny dog touched millions of people around the world. Last Octorber, in Istanbul, a group of children pulled him off the street and inflicted unimaginable cruelty upon him. After covering him completely in glue, they dragged him through mud and hit him, just "for fun,"before leaving him for dead.It was the association He'Art of Rescue who took him in after a passerby discovered him in agony. The little dog was rolling on the ground with all his force, incapable of removing the thick coating on his body.


Source: He’Art of Rescue

By the time he arrived at the clinic, the glue had hardened. The volunteers were horrified by Pascal's state and the look in his eyes, at the same time defeated and terrified. "A statue made of mud and glue, a statue submissive to everything that happens around him. A statue in desperate fear of what is to come next," commented the association on their site.

Source: He’Art of Rescue

After several hours of intensive care, the glue was gone, permitting him to finally breath normally again. Pascal also received several therapeutic baths and a preventative antibiotic treatment.


Source: He’Art of Rescue

Despite the cruelty he experienced, the puppy found the force to fight and to trust. In total Pascal stayed a month at the He'Art of Rescue clinic. In addition to the glue and a few superficial injuries, he contractedparvovirus, a deadly virus which affects the intestines and hearts of dogs, especially puppies.Luckily, the treatment went well, and he recovered completely.

PASCAL !!! THE END OF THE SUFFERING ! THEY DROWNED HIM IN GLUE...PASCAL IS DISCHARGED !! PASCAL IS DISCHARGED!!THEY DROWNED HIM IN GLUE AND HOPED HE WOULD NEVER COME BACK TO LIFE...READ HIS STORY HERE - has been a big ADVENTURE for Pascal , starting with the darkest of the days , continued with an incredible BATTLE to survive , WON MILLIONS OF HEARTS ALL OVER THE WORLD and today... TODAY PASCAL FINALLY LEFT THE HOSPITAL !!!Pascal will now remain under our close supervision in our center for a month , the time where we will assess his personality and go through the adoption application. He will learn how to be a puppy again , how to behave in a pack and with people. He will forget the painful past !!!YOU CAN STILL HELP PASCAL by donating through the secure paypal donation link customised just for his rehab costs HERE - YOU !!!Posted by He'Art of Rescue on Thursday, 1 December 2016

Once back on his feet, Pascal was taken in by a foster family who gave him all the love and attention he needed. And the little miracle quickly bonded with the other dog in the house. He was finally able to get back the energy and innocence of a puppy, and his passion for life touched thousands of people all over the world.


Source: He’Art of Rescue


Source: He’Art of Rescue

On May 6, a new video was posted on Youtube by He'Art of Rescue, in which Pascal is totally rehabilitated and has left his dark past behind him. He is now big and strong, far from the image of the frail, scared pup he once was.


 Source: YouTube/He'art of Rescue

He is now being spoiled by his new family, who assure day after day that he has all the love and care he needs.


Source: YouTube/He'art of Rescue

You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.

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