Kids Drowned This Puppy In Glue And Left Him To Die

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Pascal is a tiny puppy who suffered an unimaginable horror. This little straywas drowned in glue by a group of children, "for fun" at the end of October.The pup tried to roll around and get out of the mud and grass, but it only made the situation worse and he became was stuck. The children ran away, leaving him to die.


Source: He'Art of Rescue

Luckily, a man crossed his path and immediately called the rescue associationHe'Art of Rescuein Istanbul. Upon arrival at the veterinary clinic, the glue had dried and Pascal's little body was stiff. The team was completely shocked by this cruel act and the sad, terrified expression in the puppy's eyes.


Source : He'Art of Rescue

On the association'sFacebookpage, they explained:

Although Pascal has been cleaned from the horrible chemical , the incident left a huge scar in his soul. It is in his eyes , in his posture , in his lack of trust for people...

He seemed destroyed when he was picked up out of the box he was transported in. His rescuers continued:

As we take him out of his box and put him on the ground, Pascal moans in pain dragging his two feet. They seem to be broken during the accident. He finds a dark corner in the examination room where he hides from us. His stare meets ours in this incredible moment of shock; betrayal, terror and pain seemed to have almost materialized in his broken soul. He is just a baby yet, but his eyes look much older. He is expecting the worst.

Source : He'Art of Rescue

The medical team first removed the deathly trap by shaving off his fur and pulling off the balls of hardened glue.


Source : He'Art of Rescue

After a few hours, the puppy could breathe normally again.


Source : He'Art of Rescue

He had an examination and the team discovered that his state was more worrying than they had originally thought. His ear was necrotic, he was suffering from malnutrition and he was put on antibiotics to treat his skin infection.But while Pascal is recovering from his wounds, his emotional scars remain. He has lost the innocence of a puppy and seems to not trust humans. He is scared, silent and sad.


Source : He'Art of Rescue

But he is being given so much love by his rescuers, and they say love heals everything, so without a doubt in some time he'll be able to wag his tail again. After his healing process he should be able to be put up for adoption and hopefully find a family who will never give him anything but love.


Source : He'Art of Rescue

Pascal will have to stay in the clinic for two weeks, but you can follow his progress on He'Art of Rescue's Facebook page.There you will also find a link to donate to the puppy's medical bills.[embed][/embed]To find out more about the U.S's animal cruelty laws specific to each state, click here.

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