New York Police Department Have Just Created A Special Unit For Cracking Down On Animal Cruelty

Andrea A.

Last Monday, Richard Brown, District Attorney ofQueens County, New York, announced the launch of the city's Animal Cruelty Prosecutions Unit which will focus on tracking cases of animal cruelty and ensuring animal abusers face justice.


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The District Attorney,Brown, is particularly concerned about the protection of animals and he announced in the official press release:

 Such criminal activity cannot be tolerated if we wish to be known as a civilized society... Such atrocities, which studies have shown can be a precursor to crimes against people, constitute criminal activity against innocent and abused animal victims in our communities and warrant prosecution. 

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Nicoletta Caferri, Assistant District Attorney, will be heading up the new unit. Caferri, who has her own dog named Toby, recently demonstrated her determination to fight against acts of animal cruelty.Last October, she worked on the prosecution case of the man who starved and abandoned his Boxer, Brewster, in a park.


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Brewster, the Boxer, luckily survived and has now been adopted into a loving family. He has become the symbol for cases of animal cruelty in New York.


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This recent decision by the NYPD is another new development in the fight against animal cruelty in the United States.At the start of this year, the FBI officially started classing acts of animal abuse on the same level as homicides.We hope establishing thisunit will inspire fellow cities and countries to do the same in order to protect animals all over the world.

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