Following Diesel's Death, A Russian Company Has Designed A Protective Vest For Raid Dogs

Russia have clearly been very moved by Diesel's death. After Russia's Interior Minister gave France a puppy police dog as a consolatory gift, a company in St. Petersburg have just made a protective vest for dogs in police raid divisions.


Source : @YouTube

The armour is called "North" and has a double layer of protection. The first party covers the bodyand protects all the vital organs.The second part goes around the dog's neck to ensure their spinal column and chest are protected.


Source : @YouTube

The company has also designed two more protective accessories to cover the head and paws.

Vladimir Khitrykh, a Russian handler who has tried out the armour with his dog, said:

At the start, sure, the dog didn't like wearing the vest. But slowly, he started to realise that it was for his own good and protection. [...] We can now put it on him in under a minute.

Source : @YouTube

The protective vest was created by a military laboratory which specialises in armour material and was already in practice during the Soviet Union.

Well this has got to be the most pawesome Christmas present for police dogs. We can't believe no one has ever thought of making one before!

Watch the video demonstrating the protection vest for dogs here:[embed][/embed]

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Andrea A.