Raid In Saint-Denis, Paris: Diesel, The Police Dog Killed By Suicide Bomb


This morning an attack was made by suspected terrorists in Saint Denis, Paris, following the terror attacks in the capital last Friday. Today, Wednesday18th November, during a raid which has finally ended, a female terrorist detonated a suicide vest which tragically took the life of Diesel, a fiercely loyalpolice dog.The seven-year-old female German Shepherd had been sent into the apartment where the fugitives were holed up to assess the level of danger before they stormed it.Diesel was killed when the woman detonated her suicide vest. She was a highly valued member of the elite SWAT police force.One police handler is reported to have said:

It's a little like losing one our colleagues.

Police dogs in the elite unit RAID are specially trained to detect explosives. The RAID handlers spend 365 days of the year with their animal, in between training and missions.Rest in peace, Diesel. Our thoughts are with all the victims during this terrible time.

Featured image : @PoliceNationale

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