Children Who Grow Up With Dogs Are Less Likely To Suffer From Anxiety. Science Says So

Andrea A.

A new American study published in November has found that growing up with a pet dog has positive benefits for a child's mental state.


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The researchers at Bassett Medical Centerfollowed 643 childrenaged 6-7 years old over a year and a half.According to their findings, only 12% of children who live with a dog show signs of stress and anxiety, compared to the 21% of children who did not have daily contact with a dog.


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An impact on their hormones

The reasons for this positive influence are not yet entirely clear. The researchers did explain however:

Interacting with a friendly dog also reduces cortisol levels, which reduces physiologic responses to stress.

This isn't the first study which has found differing hormone effects in relationships between humans and dogs. Researchers have recently showedthat dogs' moods are linked with their humans'.


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Higher self-esteem

The scientists went further to say that the presence of a dog in a home allows children to be more open and socially confident as well as enjoying a higher self-esteem. And there are also physical health benefits, as dogs are the best playmates for children. They also decrease a child's risk of developing asthma.


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So there's no doubt in our minds, dogs really our the best companions to grow up with:)

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