You And Your Dog's Moods Are In Sync. Science Says So


You and your dog are the best of pals, right? So it makes total sense that when you feel sad, your dog does too. The same goes if you're super happy, your dog will be in that super playful mood. Well we now have scientific proof that you and your pup are actually in sync.


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The Department of Psychology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha recently conducted a study into the link between a human's hormones and their dog's. Its results provethat dog's hormonal changes are in sync with their humans.


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The study followed 58 people and 58 dogs participating in dog agility competitions, which are stressful events for both the dogs and their humans. Testing the level of cortisol in their saliva before and after the event, the researchers found that the dogs and their humans' levels matched.


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We already know that dogs and humans affect each other’s oxytocin levels (love hormone levels). But this research show that humans and their pups affect eachother on an even deeper level.


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Buttner, who led the survey, said:

 It is also possible that they are picking up on subtle behavioral cues that you are not even aware you are emitting.

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Research around human-dog relationships is constantly being conducted, and we're sure there's even more to our furrever bond with our pups.

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