Beauceron Dog

The Beauceron is a large French herding dog that is strong, tall and noble. They are an extremely intelligent breed that are renown for being to memorise tasks very easily.

The breed is also known as the "Bas Rouge" in their homeland. he name comes from the breeds red "stockings" on the lower portion of the leg.

History of the Beauceron dog

The Beauceron, also known as the Berger de Beauce or the Bas Rouge, is a French shepherd dog whose name is derived from the vast agricultural region southwest of Paris. They are known for being the largest of the French sheepdogs.

While little is known of the Beauceron's history, what is known is that since their development in the Middle Ages, the breed has played many roles including soldier, bodyguard, companion and rescuer.

In 1863, the Beauceron was separated into two working types of sheepdog by a man named Pierre Megnin: one with a long coat, which became known as the Briard, and the other with a short coat, which became the Beauceron.

The first Beauceron was registered by the Société Centrale Canine in 1893. It was in 1922 that the first club for this breed was established, but they were not that popular outside of France.

The Beauceron’s work as a sheepdog began to disappear with the changes wrought by modern society, but they easily moved into police and military work and served heroically during both world wars as a messenger dog, trail finder, and mine detector. Beaucerons still perform that type of work today.

The American Kennel Club recognized the Beauceron in 2007. Today the breed ranks 153rd among the dogs registered by the AKC.


The Beauceron is a medium sized dog described as being "harmoniously built with one of its regions exaggerated in shortness or length". They are a powerful, well-built, well-muscled breed with a long head that is proportional to the rest of the body.

The Beauceron's ears are set high, and may be cropped or natural. The eyes are horizontal, slightly oval in shape and must be dark brown, never lighter than dark hazel.

The neck is muscular, of good length, united harmoniously with the shoulders, enabling the head to be carried proudly while standing in an alert posture. The chest is wide, deep and long. The tail is strong at the base and descends to the level of the hock, forming into a slight J.

The Beauceron's legs are medium in length and their feet are large, round and compact. A unique characteristic of this breed is the double dewclaws on the hindlegs which are required by the breed standard.

chiot beauceron

Source : Navalwiki


The Beauceron's coat is corse, dense and lies close to the body. It is short and smooth on the head, ears and lower legs. The hair is somewhat longer around the neck.

They either sport black and tan or harlequin colours, On the former, there are patches of tan above he eyes, the bottom of the upper lip and throat, spots on the breast and on the bottom of each leg and under the tail.

On harlequin Beaucerons, the coat features patches of gray, black and tan in the same pattern as the black-and-tan dogs, although there should be more black than gray.


The Beauceron is a bold, yet gentle and highly intelligent breed. They are an extremely loyal and protective breed that is easily trained.

Beaucerons can be aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. The Beauceron shouldn’t be in a home with other pets, unless it is raised alongside other pets from its puppyhood.

As a herding dog, the Beauceron can nip and bite. They will be protective to children within their own family, but they may try to herd them. This breed will also chase after smaller animals, so you shouldn’t let your dog off-leash unless you are in a securely fenced-in area.

It’s almost impossible to wear out a Beauceron both physically and mentally. Choose this breed only if you are a high-energy person yourself who enjoys active daily exercise such as running, bicycling, and hiking and can take your dog with you.

One of the Beauceron's most distinguishing characteristics is that they can very easily memorize tasks, making them a loyal and competent companion.

Health and care

The Beauceron has relatively few health problems, especially when you consider that is a purebred dog. The most common disorders or health issues associated with the Beauceron are hip dysplasia and bloat. They should therefore be taken to the vet for regular hip examinations.

They have a lifespan of 8-10 years.


Thanks to their short coat, Beaucerons don’t need much grooming. This breed sheds moderately throughout the year, so a weekly brushing is recommended.  You should also give your dog a bath every few months, unless they get dirty.

The rest is basic care. His ears need to be checked every week and cleaned if needed. Trim his toenails once a month. Brush the teeth frequently for good overall health and fresh breath.