Cat’s Teeth

A cat's teeth are a very important part of their anatomy. Vital in more than one way, they are also an indicator of your cat's health: paying attention to them and taking care of them is crucial.

The milk teeth, of which there are 26, are replaced at 3 or 4 months old, by definitive teeth. In total, a cat has 30 teeth. Being a carnivore, the cat's teeth are primarily used to cut and chew meat. The teeth, including the molars, are pointed and sharp.

Interesting fact: the front teeth are adapted to cleaning the fur; cats can then catch fleas, plants and other parasites in their fur.

Take care of your cat's teeth

Making sure your cat's teeth are in good condition allows the rest of them to stay healthy. Cats naturally produce tartar and plaque, which can lead to bad breath, cavities as well as infections such as gingivitis. Do not abandon this possibility as your cat could end up losing all their teeth if these problems go untreated.

To prevent this from happening, you must brush your cat's teeth regularly with a specialised toothpaste. There are also chew strips, products to add to their water or food to facilitate absorption. Damage caused by cavities or gingivitis can be very painful; it is therefore important to regularly practice this care.

You can also bring your cat to the vet, in order to remove the tartar if too much has built up. The vet will use an ultrasound, while your cat is anaesthetised. The operation needs to be very precise, meaning your cat must be totally immobilised.

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Source : Pixabay

Identifying dental problems

You should get into a habit of checking your pet's mouth. It will suffice to check it once or twice a year for an adult cat, and once a year for a kitten.

There are a few indicators that could alert you to your cat suffering from dental problems. If they have trouble eating, if their face is swollen or if their nose starts bleeding, they could be suffering from a tooth abscess. A veterinary consultation will be necessary as the infection could spread to other parts of the head.