Cat Brushes

While cats are natural groomers, this doesn't mean we shouldn't do our part in keeping their coats clean and healthy. Cat coat and skin care basics are generally the same no matter the breed, but certain types of coats require different kinds of brushes.

While most brushes will work just fine, choosing the best one for your cat’s coat type will ensure their coat remains as shiny and silky as possible. We have compiled a list of the best brushes for long-haired cats, short-haired cats and everything in between.

1. Slicker Brush

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Slicker brushes are curved or slanted brushes with very thin teeth. They are ideal for medium- to long-coated cats and work well to remove dirt, dander and dead and loose hair. When used regularly they’ll prevent matting, but can also be used to help remove them.

2. Dual-Sided Brush

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Dual-Sided brushes are ideal for short- to medium-length coats. They have a fine tooth brush on one side and a soft bristle brush on the other, removing tangles and spreading natural oils, respectively. They are very useful tools and both sides are equally beneficial when used together.

3. Mitt Brush

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Mitt brushes are rubber or vinyl gloves or mittens that go over your hand that have a toothed side to them that can be used to brush your cat. These brushes are unique in that they’re more like petting your cat than actually grooming them and your cat might not know the difference.

They have short, soft teeth that remove dirt, dander and dead hair, leaving your cat’s coat sleek and smooth. They can be used on all coat types.

4. Matbreakers

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Les démêloirs sont conçus pour les chats au poil long, comme les Maine Coon ou bien les Persans Chinchilla qui pourraient avoir besoin qu'on leur retire d'importants noeuds de poils. Il s'agit d'une brosse au manche long, donc les dents sont en forme de lames. Les démêloirs permettent un brossage qui aide à retirer les noeuds sans pour autant abîmer le reste de la fourrure du chat.

5. Shedding Blade

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Shedding blades and rakes pull out dead hair, dirt and dander. They are ideal for all coat types and quickly freshen up the coat as they cover a large surface area of the body at one time.

6. Shedding Comb

Shedding combs come in different types, most notably the Poodle comb and Greyhound comb. The Poodle comb has thin teeth that are spread widely apart and are ideal for long-coated cats as they remove tangles and dead hair. Greyhound combs have teeth much closer together and can be used for all coat types but are ideal for short- to medium-lengths.

7. FURminator

The FURminator® and similar brands are smaller, finer toothed shedding blades that remove both the top and undercoat. They are very effective at getting rid of excess dirt and dander and can be used on all coat types.