Highland Straight Cat

The Highland Straight cat belongs to a small family of Scottish cats. Often confused with their English cousin, the British Longhair, the Highland Straight is nonetheless a breed in their own right with their wonderful personality and quirks.

History of the Highland Straight

The Highland Straight originated in Scotland in the 60's. Mary and William Ross, after coming across a cat with unusual folded ears, named Susie, decided to acquire one of her female kittens, named Snooks, in the hope of finding our more out their unusual physical trait.

This is the starting point of the Scottish Fold race, inseparable from the Highland Straight. Mary and William Ross practiced crosses with British Shorthairs. The latter, often crossed with Persians, gave birth to kittens with medium-long hairs, whose type was nicknamed Highland.

Mary Ross then sent some of these cats to the USA, where breeders took over. The breed was not recognised until the end of the 80's.

Highlands are divided into two categories: Fold and Straight. This denomination is above all due to the shape of the cat's ears. If they are folded, they will be a Fold. If the ears are straight, then the cat will be a Straight. Similarly, if the cat has short hair, it will be considered Scottish, not Highland.


The Highland Straight is a medium to large sized cat with solid muscles and robust build. They have large shoulders and a strong neck and legs that finish with round paws.

The Highland Straight has a round head, short nose as well as round and well spaced apart eyes. The eye colour must match the coat.

The Highland Straight's tail is a plume, meaning it's thicker at the base, medium sized and rounded at the tip. The ears are obviously straight.

The Highland Straight cat gives a general impression of softness, accentuated by the shape of its mouth, which seems to arch into a smile.

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All coat colours are accepted for a Highland Straight cat or kitten. All shades and varieties are also permitted.


The Highland Straight cat or kitten is a more reserved cat, but is nevertheless still very affectionate. Intelligent, they are calm and quite cats who are become very attached to their owner.

They get on very well with other cats and animals, loving to play. The Highland Straight cat or kitten is particularly easy to live with and makes for a great family cat.

Health and care

The Highland Straight cat isn't susceptible to any particular health problems. They are a hardy and solid cat, little exposed to genetic diseases.


Due to the length of their fur, Highland Straight cats need to be regularly brushed, particularly during moulting season.