Havana Brown Cat

A beautiful, chocolate-coloured cat, the Havana Brown is irresistible to cat lovers – thanks to its affectionate and easy-going personality.

Origins of the Havana Brown

The ancestors of the Havana Brown cat originate from Siam, which we now know as Thailand. They were the Tonkinese or Burmese cat. Several different breeds of brown-haired cats were imported into Europe at the end of the 19th century to be displayed at cat shows. In this period, the Havana Brown cat was known as the Swiss Mountain Cat. However, after the British Siamese Club stopped accepting cats that didn't have blue eyes in the 1920s, the breed disappeared.

After the Second World War and the introduction of the Burmese into Europe, British cat fanciers developed an interest in light-coloured, short-haired cats. Breeders consequently began carrying out cross-breeding between chocolate and seal colourpoint Siamese cats, Russian Blue cats and black Persian cats. It's this final combination of the Siamese and Russian Blue that was successful.

In 1952, the first Havana Brown was born. Soon after, two cats were exported to the United States, where breeders declared the cats that would be known as Havana Browns to be a breed in their own right. The breed was officially recognised in Europe in 1958.

The origins of the name "Havana Brown" are unknown, but could be a reference to the colour of Havana cigars.

The Havana Brown cat is still rare in Europe, with most breeders being based in the United States and Canada.


Havana Brown cats fall into two categories: American and British.

The American Havana Brown has a musclar and rectangular body, with long, delicate paws in an oval shape. The head, which is longer that it is wide, is characterised

The British Havana Brown is more Oriental-looking, with a slender, muscular body.

However, there are also common traits between the two Havana Brown cats. Both are solid and muscular. In general they are medium-sized, though the females are smaller than the males.

The nose is square; a feature very particular to the Havana Brown cat. They have oval eyes which are always green, and big, widely-spaced ears which are angled forwards. The mussle is round with high cheekbones.

Thee Havana Brown's tail is proportionate to the rest of its body – it's a medium length and slender.

Chat Havana Brown

Source : Cat Breed List


The Havana Bron cat's coat is always chocolate. Its fur is soft and silky, while the hair is short or medium length. These cats are shiny and have no marking.


The Havana Brown cat or kitten is generally shy, though they can be curious and lively around people they know well.

Havana Browns cats and kittens can be noisy and like to "chat" to their owners. These cats are very attached to their owners and follow them everywhere, though they can be naughty around strangers. They don't generally like being told what to do.


The Havana Brown cat is robust; there are no particular problems you need to look out for. They can however be sensitive to the cold.


A weekly brushing is all that's needed to look after your cat's coat. Polishing your cat's skin with a chamois cloth is sometimes recommended, but isn't a necessity.