Californian Rex Cat

The Californian Rex is from the United States. Considered as a relatively new breed, they are currently quite rare.

Fun fact, it has the most slender frame of all cat breeds.

History of the Californian Rex

As its name indicates, the Californian Rex was first seen in California in the 1960's. It is a close cousin of the Cornish Rex, the difference being that it has medium length hair.

This breed of cat is quite rare, making it quite difficult to know its true origins.

To tell the truth, the breed is so little known that it isn't allowed to participate in feline competitions. The LOOF recognises it as a "new breed".


Very similar to its cousin the Cornish Rex, the Californian Rex has a slender and willowy figure. Their bone structure is very slim, giving the impression that it's very light. However, don't be fooled, these cats can in reality be very heavy.

They often walk on the points of their small oval feet, which has earned them the nickname of dancer.

Their arched back is reminiscent of that of a greyhound, and generally speaking, their outline resembles oriental cats, with their deep rib cage and skinny musculature.

Their rear end is slightly more rounded that the average cat.

The Californian Rex has a unique head shape, compared to its feline counterparts. It is often described as average sized, more long then large, and with a "roman profile". Its nose is large and protruding.

Their eyes are big and oval shaped and should be spaced in accordance with their eyes. Conforming to breed standards, they must agree with their coat.

Their ears, long and cone shaped, are placed high on their head.

Its fur is medium length and very soft.  It is slightly shorter and more dense on the head and legs. The coat has wave shapes and must not have any overhair.

The Californian Rex has long and supple whiskers.

Fully grown, the Californian Rex weighs around 4,5 kilos and is an average of 30cm in height.

Californian Rex

Source : Assurance animaux


All colours are recognised by LOOF in the following divisions: solid, tabby, silver/smoke, solid and white, tabby and white, silver/smoke and white.

Pairings between Cornish Rex and Californian Rex are allowed.


The Californian Rex is a very affectionate cat that demands lots of attention and cuddles. It is very sociable and doesn't like being alone.

It is also very playful and enjoys the company of dogs and other cats. It's a very lively and talkative cat.

Health and Care

The Californian Rex isn't susceptible to any specific illnesses. Despite its skinny and slender figure, it is a robust cat with well developed muscles.

However, it is very sensitive to the cold. Make sure you don't let it out in the cold. It preferes to live indoors but it is necessary to still take care, making sure it doesn't get too cold.

The average lifespan of a Californian Rex is between 15 and 20 years.


A Californian Rex's hair doesn't require any particular upkeep. A weekly brush will be enough to keep its coat soft and silky.