Your Cat's Language Is Inspired By Your Own. Scientists Are Proving It


Your cat is communicating with you. It may sound surprising but a group of scientists from the University of Lund in Sweden are going to prove it. Over the next 5 years, fifty cats will be observed to figure out what all their different 'miaows' mean.


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Veterinary scientists do like to figure out what your cat's miaowing means! We recently told you that your cat is trying to talk to you.This time, a group of scientists are going to find out exactly what those different miaows mean.And what you didn't know was that your cat's language is inspired by yours, their human.

Cats vary their miaows according to their emotions

Each miaow will be studied in depth. The first objective is to see how they miaow differently according to pleasure and anger. Inspired by their human's varying tones of voice, cats imitate them when it comes to miaowing. Susanne Schötz, one of the researchers involved in the study, explained to theTelegraph:

It seems that cats can vary the intonation or melody consciously, perhaps to convey a certain message or increase the urgency of a message or to convey emotion.

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Cats might even have their own accents...

Even more surprising is the fact that cats talk differently, depending on their background and the region they grew up in.The scientists claim that our cats copy our voices so much that they have even picked up their own different accents.

A study to get along better with your feline friend

But their aim for the project is bigger than all that. In fact, they want to create a dictionary of the cat language.A little bible for people living alongside a feline companion, so that they can understand them better and react to their needs.

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