Young Puppy Cruelly Abandoned In Freezing Temperatures After Destroying Sofa In Quebec


A Canadian branch of the SPCA was horrified to discover a puppy tied to a post and abandoned in freezing temperatures - all because he'd destroyed a sofa. 10-month-old Max, from the town of Brownsburg-Chatham in Quebec, was luckily discovered by vet technician Tania Laurin, who called animal patrol before he was harmed by the cold weather, or the stress of being abandoned.His owner,Kevin Demers-Kennedy, abandoned the dog after coming home to find his sofa destroyed. He tied Max to a telephone pole with a note reading 'take me, I'm an idiot lol', despite temperatures reaching around -8°C (17°F). According to Demers-Kennedy, he had a 'nervous breakdown' after seeing what his dog had done:

I had a nervous breakdown and decided to get rid of him. [...] He destroys everything in the house. He ate the skirting boards and even chewed a support pole holding up the roof.
puppy abandoned snow

Source: Stéphane Sinclair

However, he admitted that he should not have abandoned Max, saying that he regretted his actions and should have given the puppy to another family. He was fined $500 and will possibly have his other dog taken by the SPCA.Luckily for Max, he wasn't out in the cold for long as it can be very dangerous for dogs, especially those left out alone. "He hadn't even gone to the toilet yet. He was very nervous. He was an indoor dog, for sure," commented the animal patrol officer who picked him up.

Source: Stéphane Sinclair

He has been sent to an SPCA shelter in Ontario, where he will be put up for adoption. To learn more about what you should do if you see an animal left out in the cold, click here.


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