You'd Never Recognise This Starving, Diseased Dog If You Saw Her Today

Andrea A.

The charity Rudozem Street Dog Rescue is committed to saving the lives of stray dogs in Bulgaria - in fact, they've made it their lifelong mission. The country sees tens of thousands of these poor dogs fighting for their lives every day, struggling to find a morsel of food or a corner of warmth.In May2014, Diane Rowles, who runs thecharity with her husband, came across an article in a local newspaper calling for people to catch and kill this stray dog feared to be riddled with disease.


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The photo showed an emaciated dog, with no fur and instead, cracked, dead skin from mange. Fearing that she would pass on her disease to locals,the local authorities made a plea for people to "destroy" her if they came across her.Distraught by the photo of the poor animal and sickened by the authorities' cruelty, Diane decided she had to save her.Along with some other shelter workers, she travelled 70km across the country to go a look for the dying dog.With the help of some local residents, the shelter team finally managed to locate the dog who was hiding on the edge of a busy motorway.


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The dog must have known she was being rescued. They had hardly called over to her before she hobbled towards them, feebly wagging her tail, desperate for someone to help her.She was immediately taken to the shelter where the vets knew they had to work hard if they wanted to save her. She had so many infections from her mange and was unbelievably malnourished.


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She needed the strength to survive, and so they called the dog Khaleesi, after the female character in the TV show,Game of Thrones.


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Seeing as the shelter was already packed full, Diane decided to take Khaleesi home with her and set her up in her kitchen.She made her a nice warm bath and gave her lots and lots of cuddles. The worst was definitely over. Now it was time for her recovery...


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Diane wrote on her site :

And it hasn’t taken her long to get used to her surroundings.  She lets us know when she needs the toilet by standing at the door. After she has done her business outside, she quite happily goes back to the kitchen and her bed.

Little by little, week by week, Khaleesi began to get better. Her fur started to grow back and her appetite was increasing daily.


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At the shelter,Khaleesi made some new friends who just like Diane, offered her some love and support.Her face started to go back to normal, and she was beginning to look like a normal, healthy dog.


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The dog started to become a bit of a local celebrity and internet users offeredher presents as a sign of support.Two years later and look atKhaleesi, she's four years old now, and you would hardly recognise her:


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She's never been so happy, playful and healthy... Her transformation is one of the most remarkable we've ever seen! You'd never know what she'd been through, or what she looked like when that photo was first published in the local newspaper.Khaleesi is still in the shelter with her rescuerDiane. But she's been up for adoption for a few weeks now. We hope that she finds an amazing forever home who will give her all the love she deserves.And thank you to Diane and your wonderful charity for the work like this that you do. You're a true inspiration!

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