Yet Another Major U.S. State Makes It Legal To Smash A Car Window To Rescue A Suffering Dog


From May 23, a new law will come into effect in California, making it legal to break into a hot car to rescue a dog.Assembly Bill 797, dubbed "The Right to Rescue Act", will allow people to smash car windows to free animals suffering in hot conditions.


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The good news for dog lovers comes after a similar law was made earlier this year in Florida, following the decision in Tennessee last summer.Assemblymen in California spent 21 minutes in a hot car in to demonstrate their point. Marc Steinorth told The Sacramento Bee:

I still don't think I'm fully hydrated...These owners, they just don't realize how hot it can get, and I wanted to create legislation that enables us to be proactive.

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Dogs cannot sweat to cool down in the same way that humans can, making it much more dangerous since they overheat more quickly.The American Veterinary Association reveals thaton a 70° day, a car may heat up to 89° in just 10 minutes, reaching 104° in half an hour. A dog risks illness and even death in such conditions.


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Importance of exercising logic

There was agenerally positiveresponse to the law, though it has raised fears that people may take advantage of it. Supporters underline the importance of exercising logic and common sense.To avoid any danger of being sued, dog lovers must be aware that rules still apply - the car must definitely be locked and forced entry the only option. There must be a sense that the dog is in real danger, and the authorities should be contacted.The bill was supposed to be introduced in Sacramento during a Humane Society rally.

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