"World's Saddest Bear" Still Forced To Suffer For Selfies

Andrea A.

On September 20 the authorities at a Chinese zoo in the town of Guangzhou refused to give up Pizza, also known as "the saddest polar bear in the world", to a British zoo that offered to take care of him. For many months now, Pizza'sterrible living conditions have been provoking rage amongst animal lovers the world over. The animal is imprisoned in a cramped concreteenclosure with a tiny pool of water, stuck in the middle of Grandview shopping mall. He doesn'teven have enough room to fulfill his most basic of needsHe spends his days apathetically and aimlessly wandering around. Sometimes, to express his frustration, he repeatedly bangs his paws against the walls of his prison, visitors harassing him to take a selfie in the midst oftheir shopping trip.

The Hong-Kong based association,Animals Asia,has been fighting since March to close the aquarium and free the animals. Besides Pizza, there are two arctic wolves, five walruses, six young beluga whales and another bear that suffer under the same revolting treatment.

"No need" for foreign interference

Animals Asia launched a petition to free Pizza that has gained more than 580 000 signatures. The British zoo, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, has also put pressure on the Chinese authorities, offering a better life for Pizza in their home.


Source: Mail Online

Unfortunately, according to Animals Asia, the managers of the Chinese aquarium still insist they "have no need for foreign organisations to get involved", reports France 24. They even denied having any contact with the zoo whatsoever. The spokesperson of the aquarium added:

We are a legally compliant aquarium, run accordingThey Ar to Chinese standards and protecting animal rights. In the future we will strengthen the protection of animal rights and welfare.

Source: Mail Online

"A chance to put their mistake right"

For now, the true facts are still blurry and no-one knows the details of the offer made by the British zoo. Animals Asia explains that the British authorities will be very careful with regards to payment for Pizza'stransfer, fearing that the money might be used to buy other animals for the aquarium.But the activists aren't losing hope and are convinced they'll soon reach an agreement regarding the sad polar bear.Dave Neale, one of the organisation's managers, explained on the website:

The good news now for Grandview is that they now have the chance to put their mistake right. Thanks to this incredible offer from Yorkshire Wildlife Park there can be a happy ending and the negative publicity they have suffered can yet be turned into a positive news story.

Source: Mail Online

Even if it is regrettable that the offer was made by a zoo and not a sanctuary, it's clear that Pizza will still be a lot better off there than in his current prison. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park has a dedicated space where polar bears can enjoy 9 acres of land even two lakes.[caption id="attachment_21552" align="alignright" width="960"]


Polar bears atYorkshire Wildlife Park. Source: Yorkshire Wildlife Park[/caption]Click here to sign the petition with Animals Asia and put pressure on the Chinese officials to release Pizza.