World's Most Patient Dachshund Walks Extremely Slowly So His Old Human Can Keep Up

When this video of a faithful dachshund and his human appeared onFacebookon April 11, it was no surprise that it quickly went viral.

dachshund-old man-3

Source: @TiTudoInteressante/Facebook

An old man and his dog were captured out for a walk by an unknown passerby in an unknown location. But the details don't matter, rather it's the bond between a dog and his human that leaves everyone speechless.His human is clearly very old and therefore walks very slowly, with the help of his walking stick.But his four-legged friend doesn't mind one bit, and faithfullystays right beside him at all times, slowing down to make sure his best friend can keep up.The video almost looks in slow motion as the dog carefully puts one step forward at a time and then pauses while his human takes another step.

dachshund-old man-1

Source: @TiTudoInteressante/Facebook

This is utter proof of a dog's unconditional love for their human!

We'll let you watch the touching scene here: