Woman's Persistence Saves Puppy From Abuser - And She Gets The Best Reward

Heather Frazer had started hearing the chilling cries of a dog coming from somewhere near her home in Tempe, Arizona.She had been hearing the troubling noises for weeksbut couldn't pinpoint where they were coming from. She knew that something was wrong, so in January, she decided to follow the sounds to find the animal.


Source: Fox 10 News

Frazer told Fox 10 News:

They were so much more than a cry for help. They were blood curdling and scary.

When she ended up in front of an apartment she decided to call the police.Inside the rescuers found a horrifying spectacle. A Golden Retriever puppy and two cats were inside, badly beaten with an iron rod.The 21-year-old man who lived in the apartment was arrested on felony and misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

vSource: Fox 10 News

The dog, named Raine, was taken into theArizona Humane Societyfor treatment, where he has completely recovered.The story of the adorable pup spread, and when he got put up for adoption, there were many people looking to give him a forever home.


Source: Fox 10 News

Frazer tempted her chances as well to become Raine's new mom, but knowing how many others had applied, she wasn't sure she stood a chance.The young woman was set to meet Raine for the first time at a press conference about his progress, and it was then that they gave her the good news: she got chosen for adoption!


Source: Fox 10 News

I didn’t know it would be a possibility, but it’s really not describable, it’s amazing.

Raine's story has a very happy ending and he hasn't seemed to let his dark past dampen his spirits or his love for people.


Source: Fox 10 News

The Tempe Police Department reminds people to be alert for signs of abuse:

If you hear something, even if you don't know where it's coming from, we'll send officers out or you can call the humane society who's very diligent at responding and they'll respond multiple times if they feel the call is a valid threat.

You can find information about the Humane Society near you here.Watch the touching video below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1I9t_pb-Wc[/embed]

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