Woman Who Threw Pup Off Balcony Convicted Of Felony Animal Abuse Charges


KC Pet Project, an organization in Kansas City that cares for abused and neglected pets, took in Roadrunner, the little, abused pup in November 2014. He became the namesake for the organization's special branch, the Roadrunner Fund, after being abused by his previous owner.


Source: Road Runner/Facebook

Roadrunner was thrown from a third-floor balcony and strangled with his leash, suffering such severe injuries that veterinarians had to remove both his eyes and he endured weeksof physical therapy to learn to walk again after his pelvis was broken.


Source: Road Runner/Facebook

KMBC News reported on December 15 that his previous owner has pleaded guilty to charges of animal abuse and animal abandonment. Kimberly Anderson agreed to enter a mental health court, to pay a $200 fine, to avoid all contact with animals and to serve 120 days of shock time.


Source: Road Runner/Facebook

Her sentence was suspended and she will be on probation for three years. However, if she violated her probation, she could face up to four years jail time.Tori Fugate of the KC Pet Project said:

This is one of the first felony animal abuse convictions in Jackson County and we hope that this will set the bar for future cases to be heard by the courts for similar circumstances of abuse or neglect.

Source: Road Runner/Facebook

Roadrunner is a brave pup and showed resilience throughout his recovery. Today he is living with a loving family and continues to live life to the fullest, even without his eyes. KC Pet Project said on their Facebook page:

Now his family and the shelter’s staff and volunteers can bring closure to this case. 

Source: Road Runner/Facebook

He has his own Facebook page, Roadrunner Is My Hero, where you can follow his adventures. You can also donate to the KC Pet Project Roadrunner fund to help them save many other abused and neglected pets like this pup.