Woman Tragically Dies Saving Her Cats From Burning Building


She would not have left them behind for anything in the world. Not even her own life.A 23-year-old Taiwanese passed away tragically as she was trying to save her two cats from a house fire. The young woman was found lying on the ground with one of her cats in her arms.


Source : Yumi Wu

The tragedy took place in December.Yueh-ling Tsai's house caught fire and according to an eyewitness, she did not hesitate for a second before running into the flames to rescue her cats. They were everything for her.


Source : Yumi Wu

As soon as the firemen arrived, soon after, and managed to extinguish the fire at around 03h30 in the morning,they found Yeuh-ling's body in the bedroom. Her loved ones affirmedto the police that they could not dissuade her from going back into the burning house. She refused to leave her pets behind.


Source : Yumi Wu

Only one of the two was found in the house. The second, named Duo Duo, was finally discovered in the garden the next morning, safe and healthy. With only a few light burns, he was transported to a veterinary clinic.


Source : Yumi Wu

Duo Duo's survival is helping the young woman's family to cope with their loss and to mourn their beloved daughter. "Duo Duo will continue to live strong, and we will look after her for the rest of her life", said the heroic girl's mother.

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