Woman Sees Piglet Dodging Traffic On Busy Road And Knows Just What She Needs To Do


When Francesca McAndrews made her usual morning commute on July 6 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she never expected to save a furry little life.

Source: Facebook/Enzo the Escape Artist Piglet

However, when she spotted a tiny pig dodging traffic on thebusy highway, the kind woman knew she had to act. Determined to help the lost animal, she set about trying to catch her and bring the little pig out of harm's way. She explained to local news outlet Lancaster Online:

It seemed like forever, but it was maybe 5 or 10 minutes before I caught her. I was shaking and crying ... and she was bleeding. Traffic was stopping, and people were taking photos.

Source: Twitter/Francesca McAndrews

Luckily, McAndrews had had some previous experience in catching pigs at a fair and so was eventually able to secure the animal. Knowing that she had to take the piglet to a veterinarian straight away, the young woman explained to her boss that she would be late to work with a selfie of her and her new companion.After an initial examination, the veterinarian deemed that the little pig was in generally good health but had sadly developed a hernia, probably from a fall, which would need surgery.

Source: Facebook/Enzo the Escape Artist Piglet

Knowing that she had to take care of this poor piglet, McAndrews decided to take the animal into her home, on a provisional basis. However, she quickly fell in love with the little pig, now named Enzo, and decided to make her a part of her permanent family.As Enzo's tail was docked when they found her, it is very likely that the little pig was on her way to a slaughterhouse when she fell out of the lorry. Despite a rocky start in life, McAndrews is now determined to give the animal all the love and care that she needs.

Source: Facebook/Enzo the Escape Artist Piglet

Enzo's vital hernia surgery and aftercare will cost up to $2000 and so the kind lady has launched a GoFundMe campaign. If you would like to help her and make a donation towards Enzo's medical costs, you can click here.To see more of Enzo's adventures, you can follow his Facebook page here.

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