Woman Mourns Dog Killed by Police Officer's German Shepherd


Jane Gerhardt, a Worcester resident, is mourning the loss of her beloved 12-year-old cockapoo, Cooper, after he was attacked and killed by her neighbor's German shepherd. The neighbor is an officer with the Worcester Police Department, which has raised concerns for Gerhardt over whether the city will enforce its policy on dangerous pets.

According to Gerhardt, she had taken Cooper on the same walk they had gone on for years when the attack occurred. Cooper was leashed when the German shepherd, which had escaped through a broken fence, grabbed him and threw him down, causing severe injuries.

Gerhardt described the attack as "unbelievable, horrific, traumatic," and despite being alive after the attack, Cooper's injuries were too severe, and he had to be put down.

The Worcester Police Department confirmed that the dog's owner is a police officer and that the fence through which the dog escaped had been repaired. The city stated that the German shepherd involved did not have a history with animal control, and the dog was quarantined and required to wear a muzzle when out for walks.

Gerhardt has expressed her desire for the dog to be removed from the city limits but not put down. However, her main concern is whether the city will enforce its policy on dangerous pets, especially given that the dog's owner is a police officer.

The incident has raised questions about the effectiveness of the city's policy on dangerous pets and whether it is being adequately enforced. While the dog involved did not have a history with animal control, the attack on Cooper raises concerns about the potential danger posed by dogs in the community and the importance of ensuring that all pet owners take adequate precautions to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Gerhardt's story is a tragic reminder of the devastating impact that a dangerous pet can have on a community, and it highlights the need for cities to have robust policies in place to protect residents and their pets from harm. It also serves as a call to action for pet owners to take responsibility for their pets' actions and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of others.

The Worcester Police Department and the city have yet to respond to Gerhardt's concerns, but the incident has sparked a broader conversation about the importance of enforcing policies on dangerous pets to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.