Woman Looking For Pokémon Finds A Kitten Instead And Saves His Life


Last summer, Pokémon Go was the game on everyone's lips - people were spending all their time outdoors. One Imguruser,joelalmeidaptg, saved a cat and adopted him in the process.She was looking for Pokémon in the streets ofPortalegre, Portugal, on a sweltering day, when she heard meowing coming from behind an electrical post.


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She saw a tiny kitten with his head stuck between the wall and the box. She said in her post:

It was hanging only by his head. We have no idea how the hell did it get in that situation. It must have been there for a long time, since it barely had energy to cry.

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She called the fire department for help, who arrived on the scene and began the process of getting the kitty unstuck. They tried with a broom and some oil, but the kitten was in too much pain. After calling the police for authorization to use more tools, they demarcated a perimeter around the electrical box.


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The firemen tried to tilt the post, but nothing seemed to beworking. The Imgur post continues:

Then someone had the idea to use the machine [...] to tilt the post. After they did, BOOM, the post busted and there was just enough space left for the cat to be free!

joelalmeidaptgand her parents decided to take the kitten home after he had drunk some water, and then took the scrawny little animal to a shelter.


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He kept hissing and was afraid of being touched or approached by humans, despite being out of harm's way. However, the kitten did enjoy the company of certain family members:

It didn't let us touch him. But it was really fond of my three other animals, two cats and a dog. We were so surprised it didn't hiss at my dog and just acted "normally" around him.

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The family called him Spock, because of his big ears. They bathed him, removed all his fleas, and cleaned away all the dirt from his horrible encounter.


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Slowly but surely, Spock started making progress. He first ate pellets, then became slightly less terrified.


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Finally, when the student was visiting her parents months later, Spock approached her for a cuddle.


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She loves the cat more than anything and thinks he grew up to be the most beautiful cat she has ever seen, from such an "ugly", rat-like baby!


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