Woman And Her Dog Heroically Saved From Raging Louisiana Floods Just In Time

Andrea A.

Over the course of the past two weeks, the US state of Louisiana has been the victim of terrible flooding which has already claimed the lives of eleven people and many more animals.

A woman and her dog would certainly have joined the increasingly long list of victims if it weren't for the courage and bravery of their three rescuers.

The scene took place in Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana, when three everyday heroes caught sight of a car with people clearly trapped inside. They first tried to cut through the hood of the car from their makeshift raft.


Source : @Josh Meeks

The task proved incredibly difficult, and they resorted to breaking the windows as the car sank deeper.

With the vehicle rapidly disappearing from view, a young male rescuer took matters into his own hands and dived into the water to try and get the driver out.


Source : @Josh Meeks

Thanks to a combination of forward-thinking and strong swimming, he managed to get the driver out of the car. But it wasn't over: she then told him that her dog was still imprisoned inside the vehicle. And he waited no longer before ducking his head under the water once more to try and rescue the animal.


Source : @Josh Meeks

By some miracle, he managed to find the little dog quickly and both man and dog resurfaced, safe and sound.


Source : @Josh Meeks

Watch the video of the incredible scene here:


Louisiana and Mississippi have been struck by torrential rain, causing waters to rise rapidly: more than 40,000 houses have been flooded and 8000 people displaced. President Barack Obama has just recently issued a disaster declaration.