Wife Sends Husband This Photo And He Goes Absolutely Crazy

Kayla Eby, a young American living in Seaside, Oregon, decided to play a trick on her husband, Justin Bogh, with the help of her son Olly and a rather unexpected animal: a coyote.It all started with a simple message and a photo.


Source: Kayla Eby

I found this cute little dog outside. He doesn't have tags or anything. What should I do? I'm going to bring him inside. Poor pup.

Poor Justin was in a fit of nerves, hurrying to informhis wife that the animal wasn't a dog, but a coyote. But Kayla decided to carry on playing with him and added more to the story, feigning ignorance and saying that she could easily tell a dog from a coyote.And so began a very surreal conversation between Justin, verging on panic, and Kayla, who was just having some fun. She even sent a photo of her son with the animal.


Source: Kayla Eby

Whilst Justin was getting even closer to a nervous breakdown...


Source: Kayla Eby

Kayla wasn't stopping there, telling him how she had tried to calm down the dog with the help of Olly, but that the animal seemed to just get more and more aggressive. She even told her husband that she'd named the canine Spot. That's all it took for Justin to completely lose it.


Source: Kayla Eby

Kayla still hadn't finished, and pushed the joke even further. She sent a new photo to her husband, telling him that there were now other coyotes just outside their house.


Source: Kayla Eby

Justin was really going mad, when his wife finally decided to put an end to his misery and come clean.


Source: Kayla Eby

All's well that end's well, even if poor Justin went on an emotional roller coaster in just a few minutes!

H/t: The Dodo

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