Taking Your Pup To Work With You Will Transform Your Life. Science Says So


We're sure all devoted pet parents have felt that uncomfortable pang of guilt when they leave for work, waving goodbye to their beloved ball of fluff.

Your poor pup is left dreaming that one day, maybe you'll take him with you. And you're probably dreaming the exact same thing.


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What if things started to change? What if it was normal to go to work with your four-legged friend?Well, it seems to be happening already: on June 24 it will be annual Bring Your Dog To Work Day in the UK,while it takes place on June 26 in the US.Both of these days encourage dog parents to bring their pups into the office to raise awareness and money for animal rights organisations.


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Theyare backed up byscientific studies, which have proved that going to work with your pup can greatly increase theproductivity and well-being of employees.Having a dog in the office canreduce stress levels for dog parents andincrease satisfaction at work, improving relationships with colleagues and the efficiency of the office in general.The trend is catching on, with American Pet Producers estimating that 17% of American businesses nowallow pets in the officeon a daily basis. And pet fever is making its wayacross the Atlantic!

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In the UK, you have to get your employer's permission to take your dog with you to work. Some sectors will obviously have stricter rules regarding this (catering, hospitality and healthcare, to name a few). The dog parentwill always beheld responsible for any damage his pet may cause.


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That said, the advantages clearly outweigh the potential difficulties. With the concept becoming increasingly popular, we are hopeful that soon most businesses will allow pets in the office!And as the number of dogs in the office continues to rise, StartPup, in association with Humane Society International, is rewarding the best office dogs for their benefits to employee morale. Startups can upload a 2-minute video about their dog for a chance to win some great prizes, including a $500 donation to their local Humane Society!You can enter the competitionby uploading your video to Wistia before June 30.