While Walking Her Dog, She Found This Tiny Kitten Abandoned In A Trash Bag


When Aline Martins went for a walk with her dog along a street in Rio de Janeiro, she noticed movement in a trash bag. Assumingat first that is was just the wind, she passed by without another thought. But thenshe heard muffled whimpers, and immediately went back.


Source: Facebook/Aline Martins

When she opened the bag, the young woman made the stupefying discovery of a tiny, dirty kitten who was visibly in bad shape. Aline first attempted to calm him down, before bringing him home. She gave him a warm bath and then wrapped him in thick blankets. The little feline was purring already.


Source: Facebook/Aline Martins

Aline fed the kitten, who she decided to name Davi, with the help of a syringe to allow him to regain his strength. It was the beginning of a lightning recovery for the fur ball, who transformed after just one week! Ever since, he is bounding with energy, and seems to have forgotten his tragic start to life.


Source: Facebook/Aline Martins

With his new family, Davi is not only spoiled, but also gets the chance to have a number of brothers and sisters to play with.


Source: Facebook/Aline Martins

As for Aline, she still can't believe that someone tried to get rid of the cat. She is so thankful to have been in the right place at the right time! Davi too!


Source: Facebook/Aline Martins

H/t: Honest To Paws 

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