When This Man Was Forced To Decide Between Cat And Girlfriend, His Choice Was Clear


A 33-year-old American man recently received the ultimatum that every animal lover dreads when he was forced to choose between his girlfriend and his cat 'Hobbes.'


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The pair had previously split due to religious differences, butthe lady was willing to give the relationship another go, on the condition that her boyfriend 'got rid' of his feline companion.He described on the site imgur:

A former girlfriend and I still have feelings for each-other, but we split because of religious differences. The other day she called me and said that if we got back together, I'd have to get rid of my cat.

The choice seemed immediately clear to him, and the man knew straight away who he was going to pick, Hobbes. He described in an online post that his cat had become like a child to him, so as soon as he was faced with the ultimatum he knew that the relationship was well and truly over and replied: “Well, I guess this is goodbye, then.”


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He chose his cat over his girlfriend, and any animal lover can see why. Pets are not a commodity for a short period of time, but truly become a part of the family. The cat lover explained:

 I love my kitty cat, and I'm never "getting rid" of him. I now have no desire to get back with my ex. End of story.

Once an animal has found his forever home, there's no going back, not even for a girlfriend!


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