When This Homeless Man Lost His Dog, The People Of His City Did Everything They Could To Get Her Back

Andrea A.

Brett Nicholls, a 38-year-old man lost his house in 2015 and was forced to live on the streets in Adelaide, Australia. Unable to find a job due to problems with his back, he survived as best as he could, with his dog Molly, aged 12 years old, constantly by his side.Until one day this animal suddenly disappeared.

Source: Brenton Edwards

Luckily, Molly crossed paths with Nichole Kopps, a young Australian woman, who immediately took the dog to a veterinary clinic in Magill, where the team on hand discovered a microchip placed by the association Paws & Pals free of charge. This organization was created to provide veterinary care and childcare to those in financial difficulty.

Publié par Molly sur dimanche 2 juillet 2017

However, there was a slight problem. The address connected to the microchip was a homeless shelter that Brett Nicholls no longer visited. In the face of this unforeseen issue, Nichole Kopp decided to make use of the tools of social media and created a page named Molly’s Mates.Thousands of shares later, the owner and his dog were finally identified, and it was Sharon Callus who announced the good news to the distressed Bret Nicholls. He explained this incredible moment:

I was sitting over there and this woman [Sharon] came to find me and she showed me what had been happening all over Facebook. She used a photo of Molly to help the search, and 5 minutes later, she told me that someone had found her.

Source: Sharon Callus

Sharon then took Brett to the veterinary clinic where Molly was being cared for. Their heartfelt reunion was very emotional for everyone. Furthermore, the people of Adelaide were extremely determined to help this man and his dog and came together to do so. Using the page GoFundMe they managed to raise over 5000 dollars, which has taken Brett Nichols off the streets and he is currently waiting to move into social housing that the city has provided him with.

Publié par Molly sur dimanche 2 juillet 2017

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