When This Dog Was Spotted Freezing Outside On A Balcony, The Neighbours United To Save Him

On March 2nd, a Facebook user noticed a white dog barking for help in the freezing cold on the balcony of a 14th floor apartment in Toronto. RL Dasposted a picture of the canine on the neighbourhood's Facebook page and within a few hours, the dog was fortunately saved.

There is a dog on the balcony at 51 East Liberty building, 14 Floor (south west corner unit) it's medium size white in...Posted by RL Das on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

At the time when he posted this on Facebook, the temperature outside was -14¬įC. City¬†News said it felt closer to -20¬įC, adding, "Most people locked themselves insideto avoid theextreme cold".But this dog was stuck outside, suffering in the freezing cold. He had been barking for help for over 45 minutes, but who knows how long he had been there.However help was on its way. Hundreds of neighbours started commenting on the Facebook post offering any help they could to save the dog.


Source: @LibertyVillageResidentsAssociation

Within an hour of asking for people's help on Facebook, a police officer had been contacted and managed to get into the apartment to save the poor dog.Thanks to the incredibleneighbourhood community, this dog's life was saved. Jacob Smith, a local resident who works for an animal welfare charity, managed to get in touch with the dog's human, and it seems the dog was not put outside on purpose.


Source: @LibertyVillageResidentsAssociation

It turns out the dog's name is Duck and he is safe and warm now. His human is very grateful for all the community's support.