When This Dog Heard The Cries Of An Abused Puppy, He Couldn't Help But Lend A Paw

Brought together by their painful pasts, Simon, a one-year-old Collie, and Sammie, a 4-month-old Boxer, met for the first time at a veterinary clinic after being rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.


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Simon had been at the Paws and Clawsclinic in South Carolina for a week before Sammiejoined him.


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The little Boxer puppy had suffered all kinds of abusebefore he was found as a stray in Kershaw County. The vets concluded that hehad been sprayed with toxic paint,dragged behind a car and shot in thehead by his former owner.


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By some miracle, the puppy survived. Upon arrival at the clinic, the poor dog still seemed in good spirits despite his horrific ordeal.Sammie's vet, Nikki Jones, told10Wist TV:

He was in good spirits, in a sense. He was wagging his tail, but he had barely any energy. He could barely even lift his head, you know, to give us a kiss.

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The pup then faced a series of operations, though doctors thought he was unlikely to recover.When he came around, his cries of distress drew the attention of another patient at the centre: Simon.Nikki Jones explained how the two of them met:

Simon heard him crying in there and his ears perked up, and he came in and just very gently jumped up on the X-ray table with his one paw and was kind of like, 'Hey, bud. What's wrong? Don't worry. These guys got ya.'

In an incredibly moving scene, Simon approached the puppy, sniffing him and extending his paw, as if urging him not to give up.


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And it seems that Sammie took his encouragement on board. Against all odds, he fought through the critical hours of his life following his operation.

In recent updates, the clinic has explained that Sammie still needs daily care but is on the gradual road to recovery.


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Though Sammie's recovery is thanks to the long and dedicated work of his doctors, Simon the Collie has clearly played a key role.Ever since they met, the friends have been inseparable,thrilledthat they can finally forgettheir painful pasts withhours of endless fun!Sammie will stay at the clinic for the next two months before being put up for adoption.In the meantime, he is under the watchful eye ofthe medical team, and perhaps more importantly, his best friend Simon!Watch the video of the two of them that melted the hearts of animal lovers worldwide:

Posted by Paws & Claws Animal Clinic on Monday, 9 May 2016

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