When They Left Their Dog With A Petsitter, They Never Expected This To Happen


This petsitting video got 1 million views within 72hours of being published! This adorable Boxer, called Wilson, couldn't go on holiday with his family when they went away for ten days. So instead, hishumans decided to organise a lovely petsitter to look after him whilst they were out of town.


Source : @Youtube

So when they went off on holiday, they left with the peace of mind that their beloved dog was in safe hands. But they never expected their dog to have a time quite like this...


Source : @Youtube

Every day, Wilson put on a different fancy dress outfit. And the result was hilarious.Tea towels, mini skirts, scarves and hats...you name it. Wilson sported a crazy array of accessories over his holiday.


Source : @Youtube

The petsitter filmed the dog in each of his dashing outfits and sent the videos to his family.


Source : @Youtube

Wilson's family were so amused by all the clipsthat they put up a video montage onYouTube, saying:

My wife and I hired a dog sitter to watch our dog, Wilson, while we went on a 10 day vacation. These are the daily video updates we are getting...


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