When She Rescued This "Werewolf" Dog, She Had No Idea That He Would Save Her Life

BeforeDanielle Torgerson found herself in a coma for twelve days in 2010, she didn't realise just how important her dogs were. But asher doctors came to take away her respirator, she suddenly awoke with the words "Mr. D." - the name of her beloved dog.


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This extraordinary tale began three years earlier when Torgerson and Mr. D. met at the veterinary clinic.Torgerson, a veterinary technician from Killeen, Texas,was used to seeing some pretty horrific things. But this dog was something else.Hearing yelps of pain and suffering one day, she was drawn to investigate the source.As she entered the vet's examination room, she was overpowered by the smell of gasoline. Though the dog's owner insisted it had been stung by bees, the stench told a different story.


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The poor creature was a shocking sight. His face had evidently been burned away, his lips melted, his eyelids gone, his gorgeous fur and even his skin burned off.Though the pup had obviously been brought to the vet to be euthanised, Torgerson couldn't bear to see him go like this. She explains to Barkpost:

Could he ever have a bed of his own...Go for walks down my street? Would it ever be possible that this puppy could experience love and be able to show love back?

She wanted to give the dog the life he deserved. It would be no easy task, but Torgerson was determined.Taking the name of the captain of the Muskateers which inspired the book, she called him D'Artagnan, shortened to Mr. D.Since Mr. D's ears and mouth were so severely damaged, they had to be reconstructed, whilst hair was replaced where it had been burnt off. He is now a perfectly happy, kind-hearted pup, but Torgerson admits that he can be a little scary, "like a werewolf", for those who don't know him.


Source: @Danielle Torgerson

Yet she says that Mr D. is "just an adorable angel. And I know that because of me saving his life, (and) that he returned the favor and helped save mine."After her accident, Torgerson was overjoyed to return to her beloved dogs and had a new appreciation for them. She hopes that her story will inspire othersto realise the importance of animal rescue, and to recognise the unique bond between humans and their animal counterparts.You can buy Mr. D's bookon Amazon, full of heartwarming and hilarious stories, and all the proceeds will go to Texas Humane Heroesto help other dogs just like Mr. D.

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