What Everyone Needs To Know About Making Their Home Safe For Their Cat


Every year, thousands of cats fall victim to accidents in their home. Although often the cat escapes with most of their 9 lives, sometimes these incidents can seriously harm or even kill your furry friend.Inquisitive, independent and athletic, these fluffy detectives can get themselves into scrapes far more often than other pets, making them more likely to get themselves into danger.We've made a list of the places in our homes where felines have accidents and how to effectively cat proof them!

1. The garden

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A true urban jungle where felines can get in touch with their wild sides, gardens are ideal playgrounds for cats. However, there are many dangers hidden in the nooks and crannies which can turn a relaxing afternoon into a panicked trip to the vet.Trees, for example, make perfect climbing frames, but are also the perfect places to get stuck! Many cats even strangle themselves while climbing when their collars get caught on a branch. Because of this, you should always buy a collar that snaps off when pressure is put on them, rather than one with a buckle that can only be taken off by humans.There are also many types of plants that can be toxic for our little companions. To know more about plants that are toxic to cats, check out this article.

2. Windows

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On sunny days, it's not unusual to see cats stretching out in the sun, no matter how small the patch of sunlight they're snuggling in is. Unfortunately, some types of windows can be very dangerous if not enough care is taken around them.Sash windows could, for example, fall on top of a cat passing underneath it and many cats get stuck in windows with a tilt and turn mechanism.To avoid accidents, you can install child locks or small grate to make sure your cat is safe while they sunbathe and people-watch.

3. The kitchen: What products are dangerous?

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The kitchen is often the place where people put their cat's bed, food and even their litter box. But this room can also hold many a danger. Hot plates, ovens and fridges are tempting places for felines to stick their noses into, sometimes with tragic consequences.To make sure that they won't get hurt, it's a good idea to think of your cat as a very fast, very smart toddler, determined to sniff everything in the room and capable of getting into every corner if they feel like it.Because of this, you must keep all cleaning products in safe, secure places, such as in cupboards (preferably lockable). Clean all sponges after use and make sure that all ovens, cupboards, washing machines, etc, are shut when your furry friend is around.To know more about what foods can be poisonous to cats, read our article here.

4. The sitting room

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Nowadays, sitting rooms are full of cables and wires, which can give your cat a fatal electric shock if they are bitten through.Looking very attractively like string, it's a good idea to cover all wires and keep them out of reach. For example, you could put furniture in front of them, so that your cat can't get to them.

5. The balcony

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Just like in the garden, balconies can be a place where your cat can get fresh air and feel some freedom in their day to day lives. On nice days, sunbathing is a cat's favorite activity and the balcony is an ideal place to do it.However, there is always the risk that your cat could fall. Luckily, there are many ways you can 'cat-proof' this area, such as netting or bars. Although this might ruin the view somewhat, it will protect your cat from a potentially lethal fall.Every room can pose a risk to your pet, but these are not difficult to fix with a bit of common sense! With only a few simple adjustments, you can sleep better, knowing that you and your furry friend have plenty more years of companionship together.

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