We Finally Explain The Wiggles And Waggles Of Your Dog's Tail


A dog's tail is probably their most recognisable attribute. It can be long and waggy, or short and curly, but either way, it is your dog's main form of communication. For that reason, please don't cut it off.Seeing as your dog's tail can say so many things, we wanted to explain to you what it really means when they waggle and wiggletheir tush.


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Held high: Just like a person who holds his head high as a sign of self-confidence, dogs raise their tails high in the air to assert their own dominance. If it is slightly curling at the end this is a further sign of contentment.


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Between the legs: When a dog's tail is lowered between its legs, this is often a sign of submissiveness and even fear. It can often be accompanied by a lowered head and skulking.


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A slow wag: A tail that is wagging slowly and hesitantly at a mid-to-high height often suggests suspicion or doubt. This uncertain quivermeans your dog is unsure of the circumstance and still in the process of figuring out what is going on. When the tail is straight out, it often indicates curiosity.


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The fast and frenzied wag: When a dog's whole derrière is swinging back and forth along with their hyperactive tail, it is normallydue to excitement. When this is accompanied by slightly pulled back ears and an open mouth with squinty eyes (a dog's smile), then we reckon they're pretty happy.

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