We Debunk 5 Tiresome Myths About Shelter Homes


Shelter homes are fundamental in saving the lives of thousands of animals each year. More and more people are now adopting pets from these homes as the myths surrounding shelter homesstart to crack.Every animal deserves to be loved. Whether they are from shelter homes or bred, young or old, pure breed or mixed, each one will love you unconditionally.So we wanted to list some annoying misconceptions about dogs in shelter homes that shelter workers and animal lovers alike are fed up of hearing.

1.  The adoption fees are too expensive


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When a dog is rescued and taken into the care of a shelter home, they have to invest inevery stage of his rehabilitation. Housing, food, medicine, microchipping, spaying or neutering all cost money. Some homes get help from the government, but a lot of them don't. For this reason, it is entirely reasonable to be paying around £150. Rather than paying a fee for your dog, consider it as a donation to help rehome other shelter pups. Also, it costs a lot more (around £500 - £1000) to buy a dog from a breeder.

2. Shelter pets have behavioural problems


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Sadly, a lot of people think that dogs in shelters have something wrong with them and that is why they're there. That is not true! Most shelterdogs are abandoned by their humans who can no longer look after them. And it's rarely because they are aggressive or 'difficult to handle'. In fact, dogs who have been mistreated in the past are often more receptive to love when adopted. Every one deserves a second chance and there's nothing a spot of training can't do.

3. Shelter homes are sad


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Many people think that shelter homes are depressing placeswith many nervous dogs kept in cages. Of course, there are some dogs who have come from the streets starving and in the process of recovery which is sad to see. But remember,they are a lot happier in the shelter where they are fed and given plenty of cuddles and playtime.Shelters represent a new beginning where they can find a forever home when someone comes in to adopt them!

4. They have no purebreds

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So what? Why do people want pure breeds unless they are looking for a professional show dog? Mixed breeds look way more unique, and their characteristics combined from different breeds makes them adorable. They are also less likely to have genetic problems typical of some pure breeds. Of course, there are also some pure breeds in shelter homes if you're desperate for one!

5. They are all too old

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It's heartbreaking that everyone wants a puppy when they go looking to adopt from a shelter. Sure, a puppy is cute and sounds fun, but in reality, they are a lot more work. And did we mention they all grow up? Puppies are not yet housebroken and have to be trained. Senior pups are usually trained and calmer. They can also be an ideal companion for someone not ready to commit 15 years to a dog. Rather, let a loving one live out the rest of their life in the comfort of your home.


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Finally, we cannot encourage you enough to adopt pets, they aren't commodities to buy off a shelf. They are lives, and you are saving one when you adopt.Remember, not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person :)

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