WATCH. This Dog Was Doomed At Birth. Watch Her Grow Up Through Time Lapse

Andrea A.

Pegasus the magnificent German Mastiff wasn’t dealt the best hand in life.



When Dave Meinert adopted her at four weeks, Pegasus had very little chance of survival. Born in an amateur breeding kennel that was involved in questionable practices, nearly all her brothers and sisters were dead. This poor dog had so many disabilities and it was assumed that she would soon become deaf and blind. 


SourceBut in the eyes of Dave Meinert, Pegasus was worth it. She was lively and full of energy. And he took it as his responsibility to offer her the best life possible, despite the fact that she may not have long left in this world.

 As a film maker and so familiar with camaras, Dave decided to film Pegasus every day in order to document her progress.The film aims to capture the special times that everyone thought would be cut short, celebrating these precious moments of friendship. 



The results are astounding. We watch Pegasus grow up full of life and bravery, determined not to be beaten.


Watch the full journey she made in this video:


Pegasus is a true miracle. Today, she is alive and well. Dave Meinart has even mentioned in the comments of his video that he now shares his life with a new friend, another German Mastiff.






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