WATCH. 9 Mischievous Sphynx Kittens Refuse To Let This Woman Make Her Bed


Whilst making her bed every morning, Vanda Santos carelessly leaves her bedroom door open.

This is a mistake you should never make when living with a gang of nine, young Sphynx. Without a moment’s hesitation, the kittens rush into the room determined that the bed stays unmade.

The picture speaks for itself. The young Portuguese woman is overwhelmed. The gang assembles and then stations themselves at all four corners of the bed.


They make a very strong team. As soon as someone is on their own, the group rallies to lend a paw.


Despite the young woman’s efforts, nothing scares the nine Sphynx. Their aim? The bed must stay messy. Always.


Watch the gang’s attack in the video here:


Source : @Vanda Santos