Washing Your Dog: How To Safely Give Your Dog A Bath

Andrea A.

Bath time can sometimes be an ordeal when it comes to our dogs. Many animals truly hate being wet, and trying to get them clean can quickly become a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be! Here are 4 of the most important things you should do to make a trip to the shower as calm and comfortable as possible:

1. Choose the right products

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Choosing what shampoo to use is particularly important and you should use dog-specific products, which are adapted to keep your pet's fur soft and shiny, while being comfortable for them to use.Your vet can recommend which types of products to use. Avoid shampoos with colourants, added scents, paraben, mineral oils, stearalkonium chloride, or sodium laurel ether sulfate. You can also find homemade shampoo recipes if you want to avoid chemical products altogether.Make sure that no shampoo, or any other product, goes near their eyes or mouth.

2. Keep the bathroom cupboard locked

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Dogs are naturally curious animals that like to follow unusual smells. Therefore, you must keep bathroom products in places where they can't get to, whether that's out of their reach or in a lockable cupboard. They can also chew things they think look like toys, such as scrubbing brushes and flannels, so unless you want to be constantly replacing them, you should keep them out of reach too!

3. Make sure the bath is big enough

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Whether you're using a tub or a shower, you must make sure that it's big enough for your dog to move around without sending a tidal wave of water over everything around them. Installing a shower curtain around your bath might lessen the amount of tidying up you'll have to do.

4. Make bath time a positive experience

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The more you can associate bath time with fun and attention, the easier your life will be! Give them treats if they behave well in the bath, stroke them and give them lots of fuss once they're out and dry.They're sure to feel less anxious about baths if they see you being happy about them!

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