Warning Issued To Dog Owners After New Cases Of Deadly Disease Reported


Alabama rot is a dangerous disease that affects dogs and is fatal in 9 out of 10 cases. Whilst relatively rare, the number of reported cases has had a recent spike.Between November 2012 and May 2015, 56 cases of Alabama rot wereconfirmed in the UK.


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The disease, also known as 'cutaneous and renalglomerular vasculopathy' (CRGV) was first identified in 1980 is Alabama, and initially affected mainly greyhounds.


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The disease has remained fairly dormant over the years, with only occasional localized outbreaks. However, when these outbreaks occur, Alabama rot can be extremely dangerous.Its symptoms include vomiting and skin lesions, which appear for no apparent reason, along with tiredness and lethargy. If left untreated the illness can ultimately lead to kidney failure which in all too many cases becomes fatal.


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As the cause of the disease is yet unknown, there is no specific advice for its prevention. Nonetheless, pet owners are advised to be vigilant in woody areas and wash any mud off of their dogs after walks, although it is not proven that this is an effective preventative measure.


Source: That mutt

Whilst the disease is still relatively rare, dog owners are advised to consult medical advice as soon as possible if any of its major symptoms occur, as the earlier the dog is treated, the higher their chance of survival.To check if there have been any reported cases in your area, you can search your postcode on this tool (UK only).To find out more about Alabama rot and how to protect your dog, visit Stop Alabama Rot, here.

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