Walking Skeleton' Dog's Throat Was So Swollen That He Couldn't Even Eat


Patch, an emaciated young black, and white dog was rescued a few months ago by the Southridge RSPCA (the equivalent of the ASPCA in the USA) in a suburb of north London. When he was rescued, a veterinarian examined the little dog and was horrified to discover that he only weighed half that of a healthy weight for a dog of his age and breed, leading staff to describe him as a 'walking skeleton.'

 Source: Cascade News

On top of being extremely malnourished and dehydrated, Patch was also suffering from a condition named 'megaesophagus', which meant that the poor dog's throat was so swollen that he couldn't even eat. Mona Jorgensen, the manager of the Southridge RSPCA explains:

Patch needed a very special, patient owner who could dedicate the time and care he needed to feed him properly so he wasn't sick. When Lulu Jenkins came along we knew she'd be able to give him the care he needed.

Before entrusting Patch to his new family, members of the animal welfare organization who had become deeply fond of the dog after caring for him for months conducted some final tests to make sure that the little dog was strong and healthy enough to move on. They were astonished to find that his throat had healed well enough that he would be able to feed himself. His new owner described:

He is great and lives life to the full. He has settled in really well and gets on well with the other dogs and animals. He can eat normally and enjoys having treats and chews. He is utterly ball obsessed and loves chasing feathers from the geese when they're floating around the garden. He is such a character and we love him to pieces.

Source: Cascade News

RSPCA inspector Rachel Hayward added that Patch's previous owners had not cared for their dog properly:

When we spoke to the owners they admitted that their second dog, Lulu, had died and they'd dumped her body in a plastic bag in a park. The body was recovered and a post mortem showed that she had been starved to death. They were walking skeletons and their owners just sat there and did nothing. They kept them locked inside their flat, hidden away from view and watched them slowly die.

Source: Cascade News

Following an inquiry by the RSPCA, his former owners are facing legal proceedings and could face a heavy sentence for leaving their animals to suffer

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