Violet The Mastiff Weighed A Crippling 25 Kilos When She Was Thrown From A Car. But Look At Her Now

Adult Mastiffs usually weigh about 100kg. But when Violet was brutally thrown out of a moving car in Connecticut, US, on February 10, she only weighed 25 kilos.


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A witness saw Violet'storturers throw her from a moving car then drive off. But thankfully they immediately called the authorities who came and rescued her.It was theassociationMutts Matter Rescue, in Rockville, Connecticut, who helpedcare forthe dog whose life was in a critical state.

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Learning to eat again, the vets thought it would take the dog at least six months to reacha healthy weight.But Violet'slife took a real turning when Debbie Gretz decided to foster then eventually adopt the gorgeous pup. Violet and Debbie immediately formed a strong bond, and she couldn't bearto be apart from her human for long.She even started helping with the dishes...


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On the road to recovery

Violet's mommy set up her ownFacebookpage to keep everyone updated on the dog's daily progress. Whether it was learning to climb up the stairs, or trusting humans,her mom was beside her every step of the way.The gorgeous girleven has an adoptive brother in her new home, and the two of them are getting closer every day.


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At first skittish and wary, after a month of being in her new homeViolet is behaving like a normal, happy dog. It seems she is slowly forgetting all the trauma of her past. Her human wrote on Facebook:

She is protecting her yard with vigilance, eating like a beast, drooling like a monger, playing keep away, doing zoomies like a "nut job" and is wanting to please all she meets.

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A recent visit to the vet also confirmed that her weight has almost doubled within a month, so she is making excellent progress.Since her traumatic experience of being thrown out of a vehicle, Violet has been very scared of walking down the pavement close to the cars. But recently she seemed to conquer her fear by jumping in the boot of her human's car!


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"I'm inspired by this animal who suffered at the hands of a human yet shows everyone she meets such grace, compassion and love," her adoptive mother said.You can keep up to date with Violet's road to recovery by joining her "pack" ofdedicated followers on Facebook.

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