VICTORY: US Egg-Producing Giant Will Put An End To Brutal Slaughter Of Male Chicks By 2020


On June 9, the animal world saw a significant breakthrough.Following pressure from The Humane League, United Egg Producers announced that it will end the cruel practice of culling male chicks by 2020.


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Representing 95% of eggs produced in the U.S., the news from United Egg Producers is a huge victory, putting an end to the horrific killing of newborn male chicks which is unfortunately standard practice across the country.This will be replaced by in-ovo egg sexing technology, meaning that the male eggs will never be hatched in the first place.

The truth is real and it is sickening

The horrors of the chicken meat industry are often forgotten about,but the truth is real and it is sickening.


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Since male chicks do not lay eggs and their flesh is not desired for meat, they are essentially useless to the egg industry and quickly disposed of.


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Minutes after the chicks hatch, they are thrown in their thousands onto the belt that separates them from the shell. The weak ones and “non-desirables” are thrown aliveinto a giant container, where they are then brutally crushed to death amidst all the egg shells.


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Even if it's a long time coming, United Egg Producers'decision marks a real turning point for the chicken meat industry, effectivelyeliminatingthe slaughter of chicks in the U.S.And it seems that others are finally waking up to the cruelty of the industry: Germany has announced a similar law, making chick culling illegal from 2017.Unfortunately, this practice is still the norm in England. A spokesman for the British animal rights organisation,Animal Aid, said: "Consumers should be aware that this is what they are paying for when they buy eggs, regardless of whether they are from caged or free range hens."Though the reality may be uncomfortable, it's important to know what you are buying into.You can read more about chicken farming practices and support the work of Animal Aid by clicking here.

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